Now that we’ve done the internal work, tips 6 to 10 enhance this refined plan with support.

Tip Six: Design an accountability system for yourself. Once you agree to “do” the project, who or what can help keep you on track? What do you need? What might get in your way of getting the things you want to get done, done?

Tip Seven: Be honest. There’s no prize for the one who has the longest project list that never gets done. What’s important to you? What aligns with your values? What aligns with your goals, your family, your faith?

Tip Eight: Be diligent about protecting your project funnel to avoid clogs and blockages. Moreover, this often requires weekly, if not daily reviews and re-calibrations during more intense phases of work.  You will need more reflection time in proportion to the busyness of your schedule.

Tip Nine: Be flexible. If you put something on the list or put it in the funnel, you can go back and take it off. Unconsciously, unmet expectations of yourself and others, can be exhausting without your awareness. In other words, sometimes the most freeing thing you can do is go back and re-work your list from a values and goals point of view. An example is referring to your Most Important Principles (MIPs) broken down into Most Important Tasks (MITs).

Tip Ten: Schedule a regular time to review your project list. Put it on your calendar with a reminder set. Use tools, apps or a system to keep you focused on completing your projects or taking them through the Defer, Delegate, Do, Dump review. You are a priority and this matters.  Worth repeating here:  The busier you are, the more reflection time is needed.

Your project list tells a story.

Moving from wishful thinking to intentional and honest planning accompanied with action will invigorate!  Overtime, a higher percentage of your time will reflect who you are and your values, resulting in a deep sense of fulfillment. Your project list will tell a story that you will enjoy reading!

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