Wielding Humor Wisely as Leaders

Apt and Witty Humor as Leaders I recently read a witty joke from Alexandre Ledru-Rollin. The joke went like this: “There go my people. I must find out where they’re going so I can lead them.” Did you let out a little chuckle when you read this? Maybe you shared [...]

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What’s Your Conflict Style?

Understanding Conflict Styles Situations with conflict appear in every area of life: work, home, and even the grocery store parking lot. Unfortunately, many people see conflict as a negative aspect of human relationships and therefore do not invest time in improving conflict management. If you cannot avoid the inevitable moments [...]

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Ask a Better Question to get a Deeper Response

1st Level Listening "How’s everybody doing today?" The leader asks as she keeps walking toward her office. The employees give the usual response “good” and everyone keeps moving right along. Sound familiar? This has been the norm in the workplace. However, that is changing because employees want more engagement with [...]

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The Powerful Link Between Negotiation as a Conversation

Conversation Conversations are the general exchange of thoughts, words, ideas, directives, and messages. Conversations are one of the main vehicles of communication. Most of us would say that we have conversations every day. What is the most important experience of a conversation? Connection When people talk, they want to get [...]

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Imposter Syndrome

Two leaders spoke in quiet voices as if someone could hear their private phone conversation. One was an accomplished author who traveled the world speaking and training prominent CEOs on how to be more effective in leading their teams, the other a training and development professional. Both admitted that they [...]

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