Leaning into Your Preferred Future

Hindsight is 20/20…until it isn’t. What do you do when hindsight does not work? This may be a time when looking behind us to see a path forward is a liability instead of an asset. Every industry was unsettled in 2020. Leaders were left asking the question, “what do we [...]

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When Hearing Voices is a Good Thing

Which voices matter? Recently, I worked with an extremely accomplished middle school Principal responsible for leading her campus through the most difficult time of school closure, distance learning, bringing students back to campus all while helping both her staff and the families feel safe. This in addition to abiding by [...]

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The Strength Finder’s Conundrum

How do you see yourself? Julie is a twenty-nine-year-old new manager. She has always been a bit insecure; she would tell you that, although she’s been recognized for her professional accomplishments. She’s never really “found” herself. She’d also say that she was always on a quest to go deeper and [...]

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Building Capacity into Your Business

"The level of your Leadership IQ will have a direct impact on the performance capacity of your people now, and in the future." —Cheryl Scanlan Which list do you see yourself on? That was a bit of a trick question. The truth is that most of us spend a bit [...]

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