Expand Your Horizons with Q Storming

The Problem-Solving Benefit of Questions There are big, big problems to solve. On nearly every front, our industries, norms, systems, and way of life is being challenged. This can be both an intimidation and an invitation for leaders because they are facing problems they have never had to solve before.New [...]

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A Fresh Look at Entitlement

The E word. Entitlement. Wait…don’t tune out when you read that word. I admit, it has been overused, but bear with me for a moment.Instead of seeing entitlement as a negative, I invite you to focus on how the exploration of entitlement can help you grow your business. The conversation around employees [...]

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Leaning into Your Preferred Future

Hindsight is 20/20, until it isn’t. What if hindsight does not work? What is the new pathway forward? Sometimes, hindsight can become a liability instead of an asset.Every industry was unsettled in 2020. Leaders were left asking the question, “what do we do now and how do we do it?” Those [...]

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When Hearing Voices is a Good Thing

Which Voices Matter? Recently, I worked with an extremely accomplished middle school Principal responsible for leading her campus through the most difficult time of school closure, distance learning, bringing students back to campus all while helping both her staff and the families feel safe. This in addition to abiding by [...]

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