3 June 2022

More Than Money

By |2022-06-03T12:04:59-04:00June 3rd, 2022|

Living in generosity is much more than giving money. Giving of our time, attention and caring are also ways to live from abundance. Think of how you are with unexpected requests for your time. Do you bristle, with a bit of annoyance, when someone reaches out to you because of your busy calendar? Do you [...]

4 May 2022

Refresh Others and be Refreshed

By |2022-05-04T13:27:57-04:00May 4th, 2022|

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25 One evening a CPA was giving a presentation. Here are a few thought-provoking questions he asked the crowd: “If each of these chairs represent a portion of how you spent your money or represented a part of your estate over the last [...]

4 April 2022

5 More Tips for the Project Queue

By |2022-08-24T15:42:05-04:00April 4th, 2022|

Now that we’ve done the internal work, tips 6 to 10 enhance this refined plan with support. Tip Six: Design an accountability system for yourself. Once you agree to “do” the project, who or what can help keep you on track? What do you need? What might get in your way of getting the things you [...]

2 March 2022

5 Tips for Your Project Queue

By |2022-08-24T15:39:34-04:00March 2nd, 2022|

Do your projects align with your values? There’s a saying that goes like this: Show someone your checkbook and they can tell you what you value. We can tell a lot about a person by how they spend their money. Today, I’m going to switch it up a bit and say, show someone your project [...]

3 February 2022

What is Your Unique Design?

By |2022-08-24T13:52:30-04:00February 3rd, 2022|

God’s Unique Design of You! Personality assessments are tools to help you ask deeper questions. In addition, they can reveal growing abilities and how an ability can influence the way you live or work. Moreover, they can also be indicators of areas that need to be strengthened. Plus, reveal a pattern or way of thinking [...]

6 January 2022

How do You See Yourself?

By |2022-04-12T17:24:33-04:00January 6th, 2022|

Julie is a twenty-nine-year-old new manager. She has always been a bit insecure; she would tell you that, although she’s been recognized for her professional accomplishments. She’s never really “found” herself. She’d also say that she was always on a quest to go deeper and become more self-aware. She heard about personality assessments, like Strength [...]

27 October 2021

Any Cures for Addictions?

By |2022-04-12T17:22:53-04:00October 27th, 2021|

(Part II excerpt from interview with Lewis Finch) Addiction is "cunning, baffling and powerful" (https://www.aa.org/). A helpful reminder for those of you who know someone in the throes of addiction is, "you did not cause it, you cannot cure it, and you cannot control it" (https://al-anon.org/). Whether the problem is addiction or co-addiction (codependency), the [...]

13 October 2021

What Drives You?

By |2022-04-12T17:24:05-04:00October 13th, 2021|

(Part I excerpt from an interview with Lewis Finch) "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Dr. Steven Covey A 13-year old boy, starved for love and affection, grew up to become a successful business man and a recovering addict. From the moment he [...]

31 August 2021

Turning a Dream into a Vision

By |2022-04-12T17:21:23-04:00August 31st, 2021|

The Vision It’s time to turn your dream into a vision. A vision is a picture of the result or the impact of the dream. Here are a few questions you can ask as you turn your dream into a vision: -Who is this dream for? Who will it benefit? -What type of benefit will [...]

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