We are not in control.

COVID-19 is reminding us or perhaps teaching us that truth.

Yet, you are a leader and it’s time to truly lead.

COVID-19 is giving us a unique and unprecedented opportunity to lead. For many years, we have, in a sense, had a leadership vacuum as the economy allowed us to be swept along by its prosperity.

Not anymore.

Everything you have learned, every trial you have survived, every conflict you have worked through – it’s all been in preparation for now.

Your resilience will be tested. This picture depicts it well. The tree, due to sustaining years and years of trial, is strong enough to stand the test of drought, soil erosion, and extreme temperature swings. Conditioned, but not hardened mind you, the tree stands firm and strong even in what seems like impossible circumstances.

That tree can be you.

Sustain-ability is not solely based on all the plans you create, the people you do or don’t layoff or funds you’re able to secure to keep the business afloat.

It’ll be based on you; the person or the leader in you. Before you get too tied up with answering the question, “what are we going to do?” make sure you have an answer to this question of “who are you going to be?”

How do you adapt, navigate and manage well? You must know who you are as you lead people through this challenging time. You must remember the people around you, who have brought you to the place of peak success prior to the pandemic storm. The rubble may feel like it’s crumbling around all of us; very few are immune. Everyone is asking the question, “what are we going to do?” There’s nothing special or unique about that and it’s a very reactive approach to the situation. It’s not these circumstances that will define you, but how you walk through the rubble that will define you. How you as a person respond to your people creates a long-term effect from COVID-19. You can count on people remembering it as well. While others clamor, hand wring, forget the people that got them to where they are now – you can choose to BE different. You can, in a sense, build something even while everything is being torn down by leading with “people first” through this crisis.

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